Imagion Biosystems Core Values

Our work place and personal conduct should foster productivity and create the opportunity for personal growth. Employees should feel they are able to make a significant contribution to our near term business goals and understand how they help the company achieve its overall mission and vision. The value concepts described below represent those characteristics that the company values in its employee behavior and personal conduct, and which, if practiced by all, should create vibrant and effective work environment, provide a rewarding work experience for the employee, and combined, deliver value for the company.


Employees should act and conduct themselves in a professional manner. Endeavor to be productive each day and be thoughtful regarding the use of company money and time. Employment with the company is an opportunity to achieve both personal growth objectives and the company’s business objectives.


Employees should be respectful of coworkers, customers, and external business contacts. Respect what others bring to the table and recognize we are dependent on each other to make the business successful.


Employees are expected to strive to put quality into every aspect of their job, setting high standards of performance for themselves and others, and working at their peak potential with a relentless commitment to reaching goals.


Each employee has certain duties, tasks, and responsibilities assigned as part of their job. Take ownership of turning those assignments into a productive and successful contribution to the company’s business plan.


Employees are expected to be diligent in their efforts to undertake the work required and to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the job. Dedicate sufficient time, thought, and care to each task to perform it well while meeting deadlines, schedules and business goals.