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A clinical stage medical device company developing next generation molecular imaging technologies.

Imagion Biosystems’ innovative medical imaging technology uses bio-safe magnetic nanoparticles to identify and stage cancer and other diseases. Our proprietary MagSense® technology is non-invasive and non-radioactive, providing more specific and sensitive detection of cancer than current imaging technologies. And we have multiple commercial opportunities with magnetic nanoparticles including our proprietary MagSense® imaging technology, MRI contrast agents and drug delivery.

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Investors seeking information regarding their shareholding or dividends or wishing to advise of a change of address should contact Boardroom Pty Limited at:

Boardroom Pty Limited
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Boardroom Pty Limited has an online service for investors called InvestorServe. This enables investors to make online changes, view balances and transaction history, as well as obtain information about recent dividend payments and download various forms to assist in the management of their holding.

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