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IBXO Options Underwriting Agreement — US Based Investor

IBXO Options Underwriting Agreement — US Based Investor

Imagion Biosystems is pleased to announce it has entered into an options underwriting agreement (Underwriting Agreement) with Mercer Street Global Opportunity Fund LLC (Underwriter), a US based institutional investor, to underwrite the exercise of listed options (ASX: IBXO) which are exercisable at $0.05 and due to expire on or before 5.00pm (AEDT) on 26 November 2021 (Options).

Executive Chairman and CEO Bob Proulx said, “We are pleased to have secured this commitment from a quality US based institutional investor. Receiving the maximum funds from the IBXO options will strengthen our cash reserves as we continue towards completion of our MagSense® Phase I study and the development of our platform technology.”

Please click to review the full announcement at ASX.

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