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MagSense® Technology at ASCO 2018 Annual Meeting

MagSense® Technology at ASCO 2018 Annual Meeting

The ASCO 2018 Annual Meeting abstract, “Detection and measurement of HER2+ breast cancer cells using tumor-targeted iron oxide nanoparticles and magnetic relaxometry” is now available in the ASCO Meeting Library.
In this abstract, authors from Imagion Biosystems and the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center describe successful, specific detection of HER2+ cells, using MagSense technology, in a model system designed to simulate clinical lymph node biopsy samples. These preliminary results demonstrate feasibility of an ex vivo model of highly sensitive detection of HER2+ tumor cells using the MagSense System. This is an essential step on Imagion Biosystems’ pathway toward first-in-human testing for specific, sensitive breast cancer detection.

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