Ticker News Interview – Breast Cancer Clinical Trial Update

Bob Proulx discusses updates on the first-in-human MagSense® HER2 breast cancer clinical trial with TickerTV – trial is progressing positively.


Biotech company Imagion Biosystems has recently announced an update on the progress of their first-in-human HER2 breast cancer clinical trial. Interim data on their first five patients dosed shows that its imaging agent is safe, well-tolerated, and is reaching the patient’s lymph nodes.

Bob Proulx, Imagion Biosystems CEO, joins me now to tell us more…

Q: What exactly are you aiming to achieve with this study and what will it mean for the industry and breast cancer patients if your study is successful?

A: So today, when we diagnose patients with breast cancer, the first thing we want to know is whether it spread to the lymph nodes, and unfortunately, the standard of care historically has been that we need to do a surgical excision or a biopsy of some kind to determine that. So we’ve been working on a noninvasive way to potentially demonstrate or detect whether or not patients have nodal involvement in their lymph nodes associated with their breast cancer.

This Phase 1 study that we’re doing is intended to be the first proof of principle that our imaging agent could potentially be a non-invasive way to determine whether a woman has invasive breast cancer associated with the primary tumor. The goal is, of course, to demonstrate that in fact, our imaging agent can be administered to the patients it’s safe, well-tolerated, and then have enough data to support whether or not we think we should go forward with this in a larger round of pivotal studies to be proven for its use as a commercial imaging agent…

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