Welcome TJ Stalvey

We are pleased to welcome our latest Imagioneer to the Imagion Bio team!

As we grow confidence in the development of our business, we are adding imperative people to our team to help us expand our development capacities to bring us to the next stage. TJ Stalvey recently joined us to help expand our global clinical operations.

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What drew you in to join Imagion?

  • What drew me to Imagion is the vision and challenge of pairing our unique asset with the opportunity to improve the lives of people facing cancer. It’s also great working with the team of creative and energetic professionals I’ve encountered since my first interaction.

What are the goals of your new role?

  • My immediate goals align with completing the ongoing P1 trial IBI010103 in Australia.  As we grow, I’ll be focused on ensuring our overall work output from clinical operations is efficient and yields the quality needed to advance the science. And, of course, “other duties as assigned” applies for us all at Imagion. I’m very happy rolling up my sleeves and pitching in wherever I can!

Any challenges you foresee?

  • The challenges I see, not unique to Imagion, mostly relate to continued redeployment of global operations for life sciences in a healthcare environment changed by, and still recovering from, the COVID-19 pandemic. The challenge and opportunity are really the same in this case- to succeed, we will evolve to find new and improved ways to accomplish our objectives.

What are you looking forward to most?

  • I’m mostly looking forward overseeing and supporting the completion of the IBI010103 study. As project management is in my DNA, I’m usually most content when I’m heavily involved in study operations. I’m also very excited to get to know the teams at our investigative centers!

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