Prof. Lisa Horvath

Director, Department of Medical Oncology, Chris O’Brien Lifehouse

Prof Lisa Horvath is the Director, Department of Medical Oncology, and inaugural Director of Research at the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. She is also the Professor of Medical Oncology (Genitourinary cancer) at the University of Sydney and Head of Clinical Prostate Cancer Research at the Garvan Institute for Medical Research. She has an active clinical practice and is involved with a large number of clinical trials in prostate and colorectal cancers in addition to phase I trial work.

Having completed medical school at the University of Sydney and trained in medical oncology at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital she subsequently worked at the Garvan Institute completing her PhD in translational research in 2004. She has published >100 original research papers published in peer-reviewed journals in the last 19 years across the fields of cancer biology, biomarkers and clinical trials.

Lisa Horvath

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