MagSense™ Technology

MagSense™ technology is based on superparamagnetic relaxometry – the ability to detect the small magnetic field released by tiny nanoparticles after they have been briefly magnetized, i.e. when they “relax”. Learn More

Specialized MagSense™ nanoparticles are coated with tumor targeting antibodies and can be administered by simple intravenous injection. Injected nanoparticles circulate through normal blood flow and can bind to the target cell because of the molecular attraction of the antibody. Learn More

The highly sensitive detectors used in the MagSense™ instrument allow for unprecedented sensitivity of detection and the precise localization of the bound nanoparticles. Learn More

Advantages of MagSense™ Technology

  • MagSense™ technology can differentiate benign from malignant tumors since the antibody-conjugated nanoparticles only bind to the targeted tumor cells.
  • Unlike mammograms, ultrasound and X-rays, the MagSense™ technology is not adversely effected by the surrounding tissue since the small magnetic fields emanating from the tiny nanoparticles freely traverse the surrounding tissues.
  • The highly sensitive magnetic sensors employed in our MagSense™ technology allow use of very low magnetic fields (e.g. orders of magnitude less than MRI) which is better and safer for the patient and requires no special environmental shielding minimizing installation costs.

MagSense™ Instrument

The MagSense™ instrument uses highly sensitive magnetic field sensors to detect the remnant magnetic relaxation of the injected nanoparticles. MagSense™ systems are inexpensive because MagSense™ technology uses a small array of sensors for localized detection and a low magnetic field, unlike more expensive imaging technologies that require strong magnetic fields and full body scanning.

MagSense™ instruments do not require a shielded operating environment and can be installed in a standard hospital facility without the additional cost of special and expensive facility engineering.

MagSense™ Nanoparticles

MagSense™ nanoparticles are supplied as an injectable solution and formulated to provide optimal delivery to specific types of cancer cells.

By combining the superparamagnetic properties of our PrecisionMRX® brand of iron oxide (Fe3O4) particles with tumor targeting bio-functionality, MagSense™ technology achieves unprecedented levels of in vivo tumor detection sensitivity with tumor type specificity.

Magnetite Nanoparticle Core

Uniformly Sized Superparamagnetic Fe3O4.

Protective Polymer Coating

Monolayer provides stability in aqueous suspensions.

Stealth Coating – PolyEthylene Glycol

Minimizes opsonization in biological applications.

Antibody Conjugates

Provides molecular specificity for targeting cells.