Imagion Biosystems

About Us

Imagine the day when cancer can be detected early enough that treatments can be pinpoint targeted, not make you ill, and be highly effective. That’s how we think at Imagion Biosystems, where we aim to reduce the pain, suffering and loss of life caused by cancers by developing a simple non-invasive test with the sensitivity to detect and characterize tumors in their early stages when they are more treatable.

Our proprietary MagSense™ bio-imaging detection technology uses disease specific targeting nanoparticles and highly sensitive detectors to locate tumors and other diseased cells by their molecular signature. It is more sensitive than current medical imaging technologies and does not use ionizing radiation or strong magnetic fields. We believe this combination of high sensitivity and specificity will significantly change the way cancer is diagnosed and treated.

About Our Name

Imagion (i•ma•juhn) – At the core of our technology are iron oxide nanoparticles, often abbreviated in the scientific literature as IONs. And since our technology leverages the magnetic attributes of the particles to image the target cells, the name Imagion seemed a good reflection of who we are and what we do.