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Strategic Partnering

We’re on a mission to make cancer more detectable.

Early detection saves lives.

We’re developing next-generation molecular imaging products to improve detection of cancer using bio-safe magnetic nanoparticles.

Treatments are more successful and survival rates improve with early detection.

By combining high-sensitivity and specific imaging technologies with nanoparticle technology, we aim to make the detection of diseases like cancer better and safer for patients.

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Imagion Biosystems is actively seeking strategic partners to accelerate the development of our nanoparticles by leveraging the unique capabilities each company. To connect with our  team, please contact us via email at

Seeking partners in all areas of our business

Imagion Biosystems


We are developing proprietary
imaging products.

Example Applications:​

    • MagSense® tumor detection: breast, prostate, ovarian, brain, and lung ​
    • Treatment monitoring ​
    • MRI contrast ​
    • Detection and therapy
About Imagion Biosystems


PrecisionMRX® nanoparticles are available to academic institutions for research purposes.​

Multiple coating types available:

    • Carboxylic Acid Functionalized​
    • Dextran-Coated​
    • mPEG Coated​
    • Oleic Acid Coated
About Imagion Biosystems

OEM Products

We supply nanoparticles to third parties developing biomedical products.​

Example Applications:​

    • Magnetic Hyperthermia ​
    • Human and animal vaccines ​
    • Cancer screening and treatments
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Strategic Interests

Commercialization of MRI Imaging Agents

  • We are developing a portfolio of imaging agents and are interested in partnering to commercialize those products.​

  • ​Opportunities to partner to develop and/or commercialize by application or by geography.

Companion Diagnostics

  • ​An agent (e.g. mAb or small molecule) being developed for therapeutic use could also be used in a MagSense® molecular imaging product to identify patients likely to respond to the therapy or for patient selection in clinical studies.​
  • ​We are interested in partnering with pharma to develop MagSense® imaging agents that would improve clinical study and treatment outcomes.

Biomarker Access

  • Molecular imaging requires a targeting ligand, such as an antibody or small molecule, specific for the phenotype of the target diseased tissue.

  • We are interested in partnering to access novel biomarkers proven to be specific and safe for use in human clinical applications.

Drug Delivery

  • Iron oxide nanoparticles provide a stable and bio-safe platform as drug carriers with a large surface area for payload. Additionally, nanoparticles can be used to activate the immune response and track macrophage activity.

  • We are interested in opportunities to work with pharma to develop therapeutic uses of nanoparticles alone or in combination with imaging (theranostics).

Interested in a collaboration?

Inquire about potential partnership opportunities.