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Imagion Biosystems (ASX:IBX) is backed by committed investors with a strong belief in our mission to find and eliminate cancer through early detection.

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We are a clinical stage medical imaging company developing next generation molecular imaging technologies to change the way we look at cancer.

Imagion Biosystems’ innovative medical imaging technology uses bio-safe magnetic nanoparticles to detect cancer and other diseases.

Our proprietary MagSense® technology is non-invasive and non-radioactive, providing more specific and accurate detection of cancer than current imaging technologies. And we have multiple commercial opportunities with magnetic nanoparticles including our proprietary MagSense® imaging technology, MRI contrast agents and therapy/drug delivery.

Investment Highlights

Listed on the ASX: June 2017
R&D operations: San Diego
Registered office: Melbourne

A Clinical Stage Medical Device Company developing bio-safe medical imaging technologies

  • Multi-faceted imaging technology using magnetic nanoparticles coated with a targeting antibody to detect cancer tumors
  • Multiple commercial possibilities and targeting a printer-ink revenue model in addition to other opportunities

Addressing large markets and unmet needs in earlier more specific detection of cancers

  • One in three people impacted by cancer
  • Over $100B spent annual in cancer diagnosis but still unable to noninvasively diagnosis tumors
  • Current medical imaging technologies invented more than 50 years ago

MagSense® technology will transform cancer diagnosis

  • Does not require radioactivity
  • Uses bio-safe magnetic nanoparticles
  • Designated as a ‘breakthrough device’ by the FDA

Multiple revenue opportunities

  • High gross margin proprietary molecular imaging agents
  • Ability to extend utility to therapeutic applications
  • Supply agreements with 3rd parties for use in their medical products

Strong leadership and advisory board

  • Experienced and skill diverse board of directors and management team
  • Scientific advisory board with collective expertise in oncology, medical imaging, nanotechnology and clinical trial design

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1H2023 Half-Year Results

1H2023 Highlights: Achieved enrolment target for Phase I study of MagSense® HER2 breast cancer detection; imaging results corroborated by independent panel of radiologists Announced plan

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