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Her2+ Breast Cancer Detection

Her2+ Breast Cancer Detection

Thumbnail image of Specific detection of anti-Her2 PEGylated PrecisionMRXTM nanoparticles measured using superparamagnetic relaxometry posterFor effective use in detecting specific types of cancer, tumor-targeting nanoparticles must evade the immune system and remain intact for a clinically relevant time frame AND must show specificity for the targeted tumor type. At last week’s San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, Imagion Biosystems’ Biochemistry Research Associate Carrie Weldon presented a poster describing recent collaborative work of the company’s Her2 Breast Cancer nanoparticles. Data presented indicate that PEG (polyethylene glycol) -coated nanoparticles last longer in blood circulation than uncoated particles while targeting Her2+ tumor tissues in mice. Download the poster “Specific detection of anti-Her2 PEGylated PrecisionMRX™ nanoparticles measured using superparamagnetic relaxometry” (1.1 MB pdf)

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