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Imagion Biosystems Launches New PEG-Coated Iron-Oxide Nanoparticles for Life Science Research Applications

Imagion Biosystems Launches New PEG-Coated Iron-Oxide Nanoparticles for Life Science Research Applications

image of 10 mg vial PrecisionMRX mPEG coated 25 nm superparamagnetic nanoparticlesSlow rate of clearance makes new product ideal for magnetic particle imaging.
Imagion Biosystems Limited (ASX:IBX), a company dedicated to improving healthcare through earlier cancer detection, today announced the commercial launch of PEG-coated nanoparticles as the latest product in its exclusive line of PrecisionMRX® brand nanoparticles.

The new PEG-coated nanoparticles are composed of a polymer-encapsulated 25 nm iron oxide core with a monolayer of methoxypolyethylene glycol (mPEG). This unique coating acts as a steric barrier to protein adsorption, which results in reduced uptake by macrophages, a feature desired by life scientists seeking improved circulation times for in vivo applications such as magnetic particle imaging.

The “stealth” property of the PEG-coated iron oxide nanoparticles has been reported in pre-clinical studies involving the development of MagSense® superparamagnetic relaxometry technology for earlier cancer detection. Pharmacokinetic data reported at the 2017 World Medical Imaging Congress showed that after 24 hours in circulation, only 10% of injected particles were immobilized in the liver.

Like all PrecisionMRX® brand nanoparticles, the new PEG-coated nanoparticles are manufactured in-house by Imagion Biosystems to ensure narrow size dispersity. Each lot of PrecisionMRX® nanoparticles is thoroughly characterized for particle size, hydrodynamic diameter, and zeta potential. These lot-specific measurements are recorded on a Certificate of Analysis, which is included with every PrecisionMRX® product shipment.

For additional information, visit the mPEG Coated PrecisionMRX Nanoparticles product page.
PrecisionMRX® nanoparticles are for research use only.

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