Imagion Biosystems Nanoparticles Used in Viral Therapy Research

Imagion Biosystems Nanoparticles Used in Viral Therapy Research

Imagion Biosystems Limited is pleased to share news of a recent publication, led by researchers at the Weill Cornell Medical College, which reports use of the company’s nanoparticles in investigating a human immunodeficiency virus type -1 (HIV-1) therapy.

The work, published in the Journal of Virology (March 2020 Volume 94 Issue 6) illustrates how iron oxide nanoparticles could be used in conjunction with viral specific agents to create “a particulate immunogen” that stimulates the body’s immune response through neutralizing antibody (NAb) induction. The publication can be downloaded here

“We are very happy to see new biomedical applications being developed from the commercial sale of our PrecisionMRX® brand of nanoparticles,” said Bob Proulx, Executive Chairman of Imagion Biosystems. “The COVID-19 pandemic has raised everyone’s awareness of the need to develop better therapies and vaccines for viral diseases.  Nanoparticles may provide an important role in the development of effective treatments. While we remain focused on our goal of developing the nanoparticles for the detection of cancer through our MagSense® programs, it is clear there are many potential clinical applications in which our nanoparticles can be applied, and we are keen to identify prospective partners in these areas. Our investment in manufacturability of our nanoparticles puts us in a good position to be a prospective partner or supplier if research leads to commercial applications.”

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