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[Infographic] MagSense® Imaging Agent Technology Overview

[Infographic] MagSense® Imaging Agent Technology Overview

Imagion Biosystems (ASX:IBX) is a biotech company dedicated to improving healthcare through the earlier detection of cancer and other diseases. We are using our proprietary nanoparticles to develop new ways of identifying the presence of cancer in the body with a safe, more targeted imaging technology.

Our MagSense® technology is the first imaging agent technology to use molecularly targeted magnetic nanoparticles to tag and detect cancers. It provides more specific and sensitive detection for cancer than current imaging technologies.The tiny bio-safe particles act as a magnetic beacon in detecting tumours when they attach to cancer cells. MagSense® does not require the use of radioactivity, making it a safer alternative for noninvasive detection.

Below is an infographic to explain the need for such a technology and provide an overview of how it could benefit patients.

View this infographic as a PDF and to save for future reference HERE >> 

To learn more, visit our MagSense® Technology page.

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