Say Hello to Imagion Biosystems

Say Hello to Imagion Biosystems

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News! The nanotechnology-based cancer diagnostics-development company known as Senior Scientific is now Imagion Biosystems. The company has spun out from its previous parent and has a new Board of Directors and new investors but carries forward the intellectual assets, scientific collaborations, and clinical goals of Senior Scientific. The restructuring and new capital will help the company drive development of our MagSense® diagnostic imaging technology towards clinical use.
The first word of our new name, “Imagion,” is a portmanteau of “imaging” and Magnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles (known as “ION”s), which are at the core of our technology. The name reflects the innovative thinking and optimism of all of us here at Imagion Biosystems as we develop the clinical potential of magnetic relaxometry imaging for earlier cancer diagnosis and better human health.

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