HER-2 Positive Tumor Detection at Tech Connect World Innovation Conference

This year’s Tech Connect World Innovation Conference featured the poster “Superparamagnetic relaxometry (SPMR) for sensitive detection of HER-2 positive tumors in mice” presented by Imagion Biosystems’ R&D Vice President Giuolio Paciotti, PhD. The poster describes a mouse study carried out by scientists at Imagion Biosystems, the University of New Mexico, and Sandia National Laboratories, resulting in the development of anti-HER2 conjugated, PEGylated MagSense® nanoparticles that specifically bind to HER2 expressing breast cancer cells in vitro and in vivo. The poster shows data for competitive cell binding assays, nanoparticle circulation and degradation, and specificity for HER2 expressing tumors. Download (800 kb pdf)