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[White Paper] Molecular Imaging: Changing the Way We Look at Cancer

[White Paper] Molecular Imaging: Changing the Way We Look at Cancer

Australasian Biotechnology | Vol 33 Number 1

Imagion authored a white paper, published in the April issue of Australasian Biotechnology, discussing current medical imaging technologies, focusing on the Australian MedTech space and where we see the future of these technologies going, including how our MagSense imaging technology plans to fit in.

Intro excerpt:

There have been significant improvements in medical imaging technologies over the past 50 years, largely in the areas of improving sensitivity and image resolution while increasing speed and reducing costs. Now, there is a need for ‘molecular imaging’ that can help us go beyond ‘suspicion’ to diagnosis.

There are many Australia-based medtech companies working in the medical imaging space. X-rays (including mammography) and computed tomography (CT) have become less expensive and have reduced the amount of radiation needed, while ultrasound has expanded into many areas as a low-cost modality. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) remains the best method for most soft tissue imaging applications, due to its better resolution, with new developments in areas of both high magnetic fields (increased resolution) and low field (lower cost and faster). Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are being applied to many areas of medical imaging to improve the interpretability of the images; for example, by improving mammography use for dense breast tissue.

Read the full white paper HERE. Refer to page 50 to begin.


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